Our Staff

Dr Alex Gotovsky

Dr Alex Gotovsky is the founder and owner of Sheppard Plaza Dental.

Since graduating from the University of Toronto Dental School in 1991 he has worked tirelessly to perfect his dental skills and knowledge and to create an office that he would want to visit as a patient.

Dr Alex Gotovsky

Dr Irena Nikoloska

Dr. Irena Nikoloska is Internationally Trained Dentist with more than 15 years experience in Europe and North America.
She considers advancement in technology, continuing education and excellent customer care most important aspects of every day dentistry.

Dr. Nikoloska believes a beautiful smile can truly enhance persons life

Dr. Irena Nikoloska

Dr Kourosh Asgari

Dr Kourosh Asgari has chosen to focus exclusively on doing root canals.
He works in a number of different offices and has built a very impressive record of excellent root canals. Dr Asgari is a general dentist and will occasionally refer root canal treatment to an endodontist ( a root canal specialist), if it is very complex.

Dr Asgari

Dr Olha Shender

Dr Olha Shender graduated from the University of Ukraine Dental School in 1998 and had 2 years of work experience before moving to Canada and attending the University of Toronto Dental School.
She graduated in 2007 has extensive knowledge of the latest dental treatments, including soft tissue lasers, and cosmetic treatments.

Dr. Claire Benmurgui

Dr Claire Benmergui was born and raised in Montreal. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree with honours at McGill University. She has been practicing dentistry for more than 18 years.

Dr Claire